June 23, 2024

Education in Alsergrund: children and science come together in 'DOCK'.

Education in Alsergrund: children and science come together in ‘DOCK’.

There is a new educational facility in the Alsergrund: the “Dock” on the Danube Canal of the Vienna University for Children opened on Thursday.

Vienna / ALSERGRUND. The Kinderuni project has already started with a broken promise. Her goal is to show children the world of the university – every summer she organizes courses and lectures for children and young people in Vienna. It was first held in 2003, with Carolyn Eber, managing director of the Children’s Bureau, playing a leading role.

Today, she said with a wink, “At that time, the president of the university asked me not to start a project that we then have to organize every year.” Because now, 20 years later, children’s university is held regularly in the summer. And now it has a new and permanent space: the “Dock”, which has now opened in Alsergrund.

year-round program

“We’ve long wanted a place where we could run programs all year round,” Eber says. This is now on the Danube Canal, namely in Zaha Zad’s house not far from Spittelau. The berth is a room with a width of 300 square meters. Under high brick arches, Ypres wants to bring people from science, politics and business together with children and young adults.

There are also digitization workshops on the sidewalk.

This is done, for example, through the workshops held here – developed by experts, for example from BAWAG or the University of Vienna. Topics include digitization, economics, democracy, and climate.

Teaching children democracy

District Leader Saya Ahmed (SPÖ) also attended the opening of the dock and held a workshop on democracy with children. As part of the game, they had to build a wooden tower from colored wooden blocks.

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Workshops are held at the dock with experts - District Leader Saya Ahmed (SPÖ) was also in the middle of the opening rather than being there.  With this crane, which was controlled by several children at the same time, they built a tower of wooden blocks and learned a lot about democracy.

Ahmed was also right in the middle of it and explained her role as district leader in the Alsergrund: she’s kind of a mayor and that you also have to work well together in politics and find compromises – like when several kids build a tower together.

Full operation from 2023

Ahmed also liked the harbor in general: “I am glad that another place for revitalization has appeared here – precisely because Zaha Zad’s house has been empty for a long time.” Overall, it is proud of the many non-profit organizations in the area that promote community and coexistence.

    Caroline Eber, director of the Children's Bureau, has always wanted a permanent place for her foundation.

Eber also announced his desire to become active in the 9th district: “We plan to become a member of the Bildungsgräzl Alsergrund.” The institution will now start operating at full capacity. Because even if the first workshops can already be booked on www.dock.at, the program will already be expanded and launched from 2023.

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