April 25, 2024

More than 13 million Britons have been vaccinated

Economy, Trade, and Finance: A Fisheries Dispute Off Jersey: Johnson Sends the Navy

As ownership of the Crown, Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom, but London is responsible for foreign and defense policy.

In a phone conversation with Jersey Chief of Administration John Law Founder and Senator Ian Gorst, in charge of foreign affairs, Johnson affirmed his “continued support.” The spokesman indicated at the same time the need to calm the situation.

Out of anger at the alleged slowness in granting fishing licenses to French fishermen on Channel Island, French Minister of the Sea Annick Girardin threatened retaliation and mentioned the shirt’s power source via an undersea cable. Jersey receives 95 percent of its electricity from three undersea cables from France, just 25 kilometers away.

After the British left the European Union, there was a dispute over the total catch and its distribution. At times, negotiations on a trade pact on Brexit threatened to fail over the fish issue. French fishermen have always been furious about reaching British waters after Brexit. In the past, British and French fishermen engaged in the English Channel.

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