Ebola, AIDS, COVID-19 – when diseases are transmitted from animals to humans

Devastating diseases such as Ebola, AIDS or COVID-19 currently have one thing in common: pathogens have spread from animals to humans. These zoonotic diseases are among the greatest threats to humanity. The role played by factory farming, climate change and species extinction.

Written by Andrew Weber

The face of the 40-year-old woman on the hospital bed looks small and fragile, pale despite the tan she gave her a few weeks of vacations in East Africa. The Dutch woman returned to Buckle a few days ago.

Crossed Uganda and visited Snake Cave in Queen Elizabeth National Park. With a guide, I descended into the dark recesses at the foot of a cliff, where thousands of Rousettus aegyptiacus fruit bats swirled around the invaders’ corpse: a strange, up close and personal experience with Africa’s most remote nature.

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