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Earthquake reported (unconfirmed): 30 miles northwest of Westminster, Orange County, California, USA, on Saturday August 21, 2021 at 1:31 am local time

Earthquake reported (unconfirmed): 30 miles northwest of Westminster, Orange County, California, USA, on Saturday August 21, 2021 at 1:31 am local time

Our seismographer received reports of tremors that may have been caused by an earthquake that may have occurred near Beverly Hills, California at approximately 8:31 AM GMT. As long as there is no official data confirming this event as an earthquake, there is still speculation as to whether the earthquake actually occurred.

Updated: Aug 21 2021 11:07 GMT –

34.0478°N / 118.39314°W (Orange, California, US)
Seismic opposite pole: 34.048°S/61.607°E
Nearest volcano: Lake Lavik (172 km / 107 mi)
Nearby places and cities:
3 km southeast Beverly Hills (pop: 34900) -> Near earthquake!
3 km north Culver City (bang: 39700) -> earthquake is near!
6 km southwest of West Hollywood (pop: 36200) -> earthquake is near!
8 km southwest Hollywood (pop: 167700) -> earthquake is near!
9 km west Koreatown (pop: 124300) -> Near earthquake!
10 km from ENE Santa Monica (pop: 93200) -> Near earthquake!
10 km northwest of Englewood (pop: 111700) -> earthquake is near!
11 km southwest of Universal City (Pop count: 105000) -> Earthquakes nearby!
14 km west Angels (pop: 3,971,900) -> Earthquakes nearby!
576 km southeast of Sacramento (pop: 490700) -> Near earthquake!

Weather in the epicenter at the time of the earthquake:
thick clouds 20.1 °C (68 F), humidity: 83%, wind: 0 m/s (1 knot) from WSW

Primary data source: VolcanoDiscovery

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Canoga Park (25.6 km northwest of the epicenter) [Map] / Mild Vibration (MMI IV) / Horizontal (lateral) oscillates / 5-10 seconds : I felt two small earthquakes around 1:30 AM. I was in the bathroom and hung towels, bathroom jets were moving and my cat was looking all over the apartment, it felt like a 2.0, definitely felt like an earthquake

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Huntington Beach (51.2 km southeast of the epicenter) [Map] / Very weak vibration (MMI II) / Single side vibration / Very short : quick shake

Fullerton California / Weak shaking (MMI III) / 10-15 seconds : The ground was shaking under our feet and things on the table were moving

Beaumont California Mild vibration (MMI IV) : Just like an RV picked up and dropped

San Bernardino / Very weak vibration (MMI II) / 20-30 seconds

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