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Gemeldetes (unbestätigtes) Erdbeben: 3.7 km südwestlich von Mission Viejo, Orange County, Kalifornien, USA, am Montag, 16. Aug 2021 um 02:31 Lokalzeit

Earthquake reported (unconfirmed): 3.7 km southwest of Mission Viejo, Orange County, California, USA, on Monday, August 16, 2021 at 2:31 am local time

Earthquake status: highly uncertain

It is unlikely that this event was caused by a natural earthquake as it has not been confirmed by official seismic data. In most cases, it was another earthquake-like event of natural or artificial origin (eg, mine activity, eruptions, sonic booms, thunder, etc.).
Initial report below:

Although our monitoring service initially detected network activity typical of an earthquake, there was no confirmation from any national or international seismological agency. For this reason, it is highly unlikely that it was caused by an earthquake.

Updated: Aug 16, 2021 10:52 GMT –

Orange, California, United States)
Nearest volcano: Lake Lavik (164 km / 102 mi)
Nearby places and cities:
3 km northeast ancient alder (pop: 50200) -> earthquake is near!
4 km southeast Laguna Hills (Orange County) (bang: 31700) -> earthquake is near!
4 km southwest Mission View (pop: 97200) -> Near earthquake!
6 km north Laguna Niguel (pop: 65800) -> earthquake is near!
8 km south Lake Forest (Pop count: 82500) -> Near earthquake!
10 km northwest of San Juan Capistrano (pop count: 36500) -> earthquake is near!
12 km southwest Rancho Santa Margherita (pop: 49300) -> Near earthquake!
15 km southeast Irvine (pop: 256900) -> Nearby earthquake!
72 km southeast Angels (pop: 3,971,900) -> Earthquakes nearby!
652 km southeast of Sacramento (pop: 490700) -> earthquake is near!

Weather in the epicenter at the time of the earthquake:
a clear sky 19.7 °C (67 F), Humidity: 88%, Wind: 0 m/s (0 knots)

Primary data source: volcano discovery

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Tip: The more different agencies report the same earthquake, the more reliable the data and the more accurate one can derive the average value for magnitude, depth, etc. It usually takes a few hours for the seismic data to be accurately assessed and for the information to be of reliable accuracy. This often causes the volume and other data to correct up or down over and over again in the first few hours.

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