June 22, 2024

Early fast cars are only stopped by a BVB star

Sabitzer helps stop a speedster.Image: Cornerstone

The match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid witnessed disturbances shortly after the start of the match. Security forces are having difficulty stopping three speeding cars.

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Strange and strange scenes immediately after the start of the Champions League final in London. Shortly after the kick-off of the match between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, a speedster stormed onto the pitch and was able to run unhindered across the entire pitch and back to the stands without being impeded by security forces. Referee Slavko Vincic stopped the match after 21 seconds until the situation was clarified.

What followed were strange images: On the TV broadcast, you could see three more people running onto the field and making their rounds cheering before the hosts finally intervened. All three wore an inscription of the controversial Belarusian gambler on their shirts.

Strangely: Even Dortmund midfielder Marcel Sabitzer had to intervene, helping to stop one of the young men on the pitch and confronting a man wearing a white shirt and dark shorts. He fell to the ground in front of the Austrian, closely followed by the host.

Security forces are said to have prevented a fifth spectator from jumping over an advertising billboard and running into the stadium. In the third minute, the match continued without any problems. (abo/t-online.de)

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