June 14, 2024

EA Sports F1 23: Deep Dive Features

Following last week’s reveal of EA Sports F1 23, more details are now available ahead of its June 16, 2023 release for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Changes in driving behavior and driving physics

The handling and driving physics of the “F1 23” are significantly improved compared to previous years, resulting in better handling, better traction at low speeds and better overall vehicle drivability.

Experienced players will immediately notice a difference as the car’s behavior is more realistic thanks to three main areas of rework: acceleration, braking and cornering.

Updated physical calculations of tire run-out and interaction with vehicle inertia. In addition, the way each vehicle’s engine delivers torque has been improved in more progressive steps depending on gear and throttle.

Track surfaces such as curbs and bumps will be more noticeable thanks to improvements to the undercarriage, making for a more realistic experience.

Thanks to feedback from real F1 teams and drivers like Anthony Davidson, players will notice a better balance between the mechanical grip of the tires and the aerodynamic grip of the cars. All these changes result in ‘F1 23’ delivering the most authentic F1 driving experience ever.

Introduction to the precision engine

While the revamped changes to handling and physics are immediately noticeable when using the force feedback wheel, players with a pad will also notice some drastic improvements. “F1 23” unleashes Precision Drive controller technology, providing gamers playing with the pad a completely redesigned gaming experience.

You’ll immediately notice a more direct sense of precision in every steering input, which is noticeable in everything from squeezing the brakes in turns to making slight corrections in wide corners. Whether your driving style is soft and smooth or more aggressive, you’ll feel more confident on every track and in those crucial battles between the wheels.

New race distance

While some gamers will like to be treated to full-length races that are identical to those used in sports games, others may prefer shorter options for less time-consuming gaming sessions. This is precisely why the new 35% race distance – previously only available in F1 Esports – offers the perfect balance between short and long race options, while adhering to the same rules as full races, such as: B. The pit stop rule.

This new race distance offers even more versatility when it comes to recreating racing weekends in ‘F1 23’.

The return of the red flags

Red flags are becoming increasingly common in Formula 1 racing, forcing teams to reconsider their previous strategies in preparation for the resumption of racing. With ‘F1 23’, red flags return to the series after nine years, adding even more drama as plans need to be revisited on the way back to the pits. Red flags can be triggered either by racing crashes caused by other drivers in multiplayer or by offline AI, or by extremely wet weather conditions.

As in the real sport, racing strategies can be adjusted, new tires fitted and some damage to your car repaired before the race resumes. In addition, the sensitivity of the red flags can be adjusted at will in the menu.

Las Vegas and Lucille

As mentioned in the F1 23 reveal, two brand new racetracks will debut at launch – the Las Vegas Street Circuit in Nevada, USA and the Losail International Circuit in Doha, Qatar.

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Rebuilt from the ground up, Las Vegas Street Circuit has been created using thousands of reference images and extensive photogrammetry data to provide an authentic experience even before you drive the track in the real world.

For Losail International Circuit, FOM’s official computer-aided design was combined with ArcGIS World Atlas aerial imagery, elevation data, and photogrammetry data of the track to create the most accurate representation of the track.

In memory of: Circuit Paul Ricard (France), Shanghai International Circuit (China) and Circuit International Algarve (Portugal) – better known as Portimão – will all be included in the “F1 23” edition as old tracks for different modes of play.


Braking Point 2, F1 World, an improved multiplayer mode and the return of Career and My Team make for an exciting package. More details will be announced in the coming weeks.