March 3, 2024

Dutch Parliament accuses China of committing "genocide" ...

Dutch Parliament accuses China of committing “genocide” …

However, the government refuses to name human rights crimes against the Muslim minority, and an international court or the United Nations should determine this first.

The Dutch Parliament accused China of committing genocide against the Uyghurs. The Second House of Parliament declared by a large majority that “there is a genocide of the Uyghur minority taking place in China”.

According to Secretary of State Steve Block, the government continues to reject the call for the suppression of the Muslim minority to genocide. This must first be determined by an international court or the United Nations. But Block said there were “gross violations of the human rights of Uyghurs living in the northwestern Xinjiang region.”

China denounced the statement as an interference in the country’s internal affairs. The Chinese embassy in The Hague said the allegations were “complete lies.” With the proclamation of Parliament, China has been “deliberately desecrated”.

Parliament earlier called on the government to campaign for European sanctions against Chinese companies involved in human rights violations against Uyghurs. On the other hand, the decision to postpone the 2022 Winter Olympics did not receive a majority. The games will be held in Beijing.

The Canadian Parliament speaks of “genocide.”

In Canada, too, the lower house of the Chinese parliament described China’s actions against the Uyghur minority as “genocide” on Monday. The proposal was supported by all opposition parties and many of the ruling Liberal Party deputies.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and most of his cabinet abstained.

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Members of the European Parliament also voted in favor of an amendment. The Canadian government called for the International Olympic Committee to demand not to host the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing “if the Chinese government continues this genocide.”

China later responded with a counter-criticism. A Reuters news agency report quoted Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin as saying that China had taken “drastic steps” in the case of Canada.

(APA / Reuters / Red.)