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Anyone who loves to have fun can satisfy their hunger in this 2D side-scrolling platformer game. With the help of a living chef who will pass, players hunt monsters inside, only to cook and eat them. There are around 100 dishes that give them different powers – but it depends on the right combination to create the perfect menu for your playing style.

With a colorful character roster, a fun storyline and charming 2D pixel graphics, poses Dungeon Munchies On the table when it appears on the Nintendo Switch later in the day.

Description also Dungeon Munchies From nintendo:

You wake up in a huge underground complex and you have to escape from this strange facility. With the help of the undead Nekro Chef Simmer, you have to take yourself to safety, fill yourself up and find a way out.

Dungeon Munchies is a side-scrolling RPG that focuses on hunting, preparing, and consuming monsters to gain specific skills. The combination of different dishes affects the overall playing style.

Big menu for a big stomach

With a stomach that only accommodates seven dishes, you’ll need to prepare a meal that sharpens your skills. Guava juice, grilled shrimp, or peeled lobster can mean the difference between better health, harm, or slack armor.

Trade Tools

Craft all kinds of deadly weapons from animal and plant parts that you can’t eat. Combine them with your favorite dishes and make the most powerful combinations.

Locally grown and fresh from the farm

Nowadays, you have to come up with something to get the ingredients. Get ready for electric snails, sharp crab claws and laser wasps to get the most delicious bits you need.

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There is something not right…

From the self-proclaimed Auto Club membership card holder and other chef to the demonic “Lord of the Forest” and juggler to the radical revolutionaries of the Fruit Revolution, everyone wants you to dance to their tune, but none of them are right in the head. What exactly is going on here in this dungeon?

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