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Drosten criticizes the lack of standards and penalties for scientific communication

16.01.2022 – 01:00

daily mirror

Berlin (OTS)

Christian Drosten, chief virologist at the Berlin Charité, criticized the lack of standards for monitoring the quality of communication between scientists and the public in an interview with Tagschpiegel am Sonntag. “I would like to start a discussion within science about how to define such standards of scientific communication and make them binding on scientists,” Drosten said. Scientists who falsified the data would run into “serious problems” – there are penalties for such bad behavior. But there is also misconduct in scientific communication, so far without penalties. It’s not explicitly about censorship, Drosten told the Tagesspiegel newspaper, but that scientists should “distinguish between uncensored statements of opinion and statements that claim to be based on valid scientific facts.”


The full interview is online from 1 am: https://www.tagesspiegel.de/27978770.html

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