May 18, 2024

Dropping proceedings against Marteria – The rapper speaks out after his arrest in the US

German rapper Marteria has commented on the short-term police detention in the United States. Action has since been discontinued.

Rapper Marteria has now spoken out publicly after his brief arrest in the US. The musician was accused of committing a violent crime against his girlfriend at the end of March. However, prosecutors have now dropped the charges. “The case has been dropped. And I can tell you that I am happy with this outcome,” defense lawyer Robert Dekortens of the dpa news agency said. “I am happy that my client has been rehabilitated,” he said.

On his Instagram, the 40-year-old musician explained the circumstances of the police arrest in the United States. “Darlings, Three weeks ago my girlfriend and I had a loud argument in the States, which – I’m not proud of – led to a police operation.”

The rapper wants to focus on music again

They got back together after that, but the past few weeks have been stressful for the two of them, he continued. Marten Laciny, as the singer’s real name, welcomed the end of proceedings.

He was initially charged with strangling and assaulting a woman in publicly available Mecklenburg County Court files. He wrote that Marteria was relieved to drop the allegations. “There was no bail, no charges and definitely no choking,” the rapper explained. He defends himself against the false reports and now wants to focus on his music again.