April 25, 2024

Dream job announced: St.  Michael's Mount by Castle Officer

Dream job announced: St. Michael’s Mount by Castle Officer

It couldn’t be more idyllic: The British National Trust is looking for an employee to manage St Michael’s Mount Castle in Cornwall. The former abbey from the 12th century is the counterpart to Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy across the English Channel. Similar to the famous parish in France Mount St. Michael is a muddy elevation that can be reached on foot at low tide.

We are looking for an officer in the castle, as the website for tourist attractions is called, including an official apartment in the castle. Tasks include, among other things, being responsible for the security of the lock and items in it, guiding staff, moving furniture and hanging pictures during cleaning work.

How much salary a new Castle employee will earn is unclear from the job posting. Castle Steward Duncan Murdoch confirmed in an interview with BBC that you have a sea view from every room. But he also warned: “You can’t have pizza delivered to your doorstep here, you have to be prepared for that.” (sda / dpa)

Do you want a little padlock?


Do you want a little padlock?

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Drone + alcohol = … Oh, see for yourself!

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