June 20, 2024

Draisaitl conjures up |  Sports mix

Draisaitl conjures up | Sports mix

(Dpa). National ice hockey player Leon Dreisette scored a hat-trick in Edmonton Oilers 4-2 against the Ottawa Senators and was much appreciated especially for his second goal. NHL scorer and teammate Connor McDavid said of the target, which Draisaitl used from an almost impossible steep angle and with skis clearly already behind the line into the net.

“I put myself in a position where I could surprise the goalkeeper and fire the shot quickly for a chance,” Draysitel said. On NBCSN, commentators did not believe the shot and goal on Wednesday even after several iterations. “Most of them won’t even try this shot,” said trainer Dave Tippett.

Draisaitl scored a total of four points in the eighth win in the eighth duel of the season with Senators over Tim Stützle and provisionally placed 3-2 from McDavid. Hattrick was his fifth in the National Hockey League career and his second this season in a match against the Senators.

In the past five weeks of the main round matches, the Oilers, also played by Dominic Cahon, have finished second in the Canadian League. “I think we can take a few more steps,” said Dracitel, “I think we’re on the right track.”

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