November 29, 2023

Dragonflight expansion leaked on Blizzard's website

Dragonflight expansion leaked on Blizzard’s website

From Maximilian Home
Even more than 17 years after its first release, World of Warcraft is still regularly played by many players. Over the years, many expansions have been added that have improved the game visually and gameplay, the most recent being “Shadowlands” in 2020. The next expansion is scheduled for April 19th and a lot of information has already been leaked or discovered by debuggers.

Back in January, Dataminer in World of Warcraft found clues about the next post-Shadowlands expansion. A new carrier, a pet and other unknown items were found in a data pack, and the pack was similar to the rewards that were previously waiting for players when buying a deluxe version. The file name “9fx_drakemountemerald_buff_4219045” clearly refers to an emerald green dragon, which should also be very detailed given the relatively large file size of 8.9MB.

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Now an update to WoW’s official homepage has leaked the name of the new extension. Meanwhile, the various levels of expansion were also visible in the source code and the previously unavailable URL “” was mentioned. Accordingly, the “Dragonflight” add-on can be pre-ordered and purchased as a base, heroic and epic version in the future. The web testimonials for “Dragonflight” were actually registered last week and seem to finally confirm the extension’s name.

While there is no confirmation from Blizzard and the appropriate time, it cannot be assumed that it was an April Fool’s joke, as the effort appears to be quite large and current developments match the leaks from January. The official presentation of the new WoW expansion should take place on April 19, after which it will be clarified which title it will finally receive and whether the information from the data miners is correct.

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