February 23, 2024

Dozens of dogs at risk of dying after bully ban in Great Britain – Panorama

Due to dangerous dog attacks in England and Wales, the British government has decided to ban the so-called XL Bullies. But there are doubts about the law — and new fears.

A 54-year-old man tried to pull the animal away from his brother – in vain. He watched in horror as his dog bit a man three years his junior. In another case, two dogs in Stoke jumped out of a window into a neighboring garden and attacked a man – who also died. Incidents like this have repeatedly caused a stir in Britain. Often involved are so-called XL Bullies, mixed breeds based on the Pitbull-Terrier breed.

Public outrage was so great that the British government recognized the previously unclassified dog as a separate breed – and promptly banned it. From December 31, animals cannot be sold, and from February 1, 2024, their possession is also a criminal offence. Unless owners can prove their dog is harmless and exempt. Animals must then wear a muzzle, a leash and castrate.

If the dogs cannot find their owner at the animal shelter, they must be euthanized

The consequences are still unpredictable. Broadcaster Sky News recently reported that at least 246 dogs in animal shelters will have to be euthanized if a new owner is not found by the end of the year. No one knows exactly how many animals are affected by the ban. The government estimates the population in England and Wales to be around 10,000 specimens, while animal rights activists estimate there are 15,000.

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But critics doubt the ban will actually protect people, as the government claims. In fact, dog attacks may increase. There are already reports of XL bullies being abandoned in the wild or in front of animal shelters.