April 22, 2024

Dortmund shuddered by winning their first clash against Leipzig over time

BVB could put pressure on Bayern.Photo: Cornerstone

Borussia Dortmund leads the Bundesliga. Without Gregor Koppel, who was absent at short notice, BVB beat RB Leipzig 2-1 at home.

Muscle problems that arose during the warm-up period prevented the Swiss goalkeeper from playing. The 25-year-old was replaced by Alexander Mayer, who is six years older than him, who played his eighth match of the season and managed to distinguish himself several times.

Reus scored from the point to 1-0.Video: streamja

Dortmund got the win thanks to an efficient performance in the first half. Marco Reus gave the hosts the lead in the 21st minute from the penalty spot – of all things after a pressured phase from the guests. As a result, they looked battered and almost completely disappeared, as Emre Can went up to 2-0 with his first goal of the season shortly before half-time.

In the second half, Leipzig had to wait until the 74th minute before scoring the hoped-for goal. Emil Forsberg gave hope back to the visitors, who came close to equalizing several times in the final minutes. In the 93rd minute, defender Niko Schlotterbeck cleared the goal line for the defeated Meyer.

That could make it 2-0.Video: streamja

Bundesliga victory puts Bayern Munich under pressure. The team with goalkeeper Jan Sommer can regain top spot with a win away to VfB Stuttgart on Saturday.

Borussia Dortmund – RB Leipzig 2: 1 (2: 0)
21. Reus (penalty) 1-0. 39. Can 2: 0. 74. Forsberg 2-1.
comments: Dortmund without Copil (injured). (Abu / Sada)

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