Doron Rabinovici was awarded the “Austrian Cross of Honor for Sciences and Arts”

Vienna Minister of State for Arts and Culture Andrea Mayer presented the “Austrian Cross of Honor for Science and Art” by author and historian Doron Rabinovici at the factory in Künstlerhaus.
“Democracy — like art — needs criticism, it needs debate, a keen eye, an attentive ear, an alert mind, it needs citizens who participate. Few do it as much and can do it as Doron Rabinovich. He takes a stand. He does his part to make sure that Persistent anger will not turn into the norm, and resignation, withdrawal, and disillusionment with politics are not widespread. It is no coincidence that authors are often among the most important advocates and critical voices in society. Writers and literature in general – yes, and even more broadly, All art – thus contributes to the critical public and the collective conscience of society. And Andrea Mayer, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, said it is important not only to allow critical voices to be taken seriously – it must be done without saying – it must also be honored in cases where they deserve it.”

Laudator Clemens Jabloner praised the guest of honor as someone who, as rarely, rendered outstanding services in both areas – science and art.

The concert was accompanied by music by Harry Stoica on guitar and musicians Martin Spitzer (guitar), Peter Strutzenberger (double bass) and Siggy Meyer (percussion).

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