Donald Trump saves taxes at his former golf course grave

know how! Donald Trump is said to have buried his ex-wife Ivana Trump in his golf course in order to save tons of taxes.

The basics in brief

  • Ivana Trump died of injuries that fell on the stairs.
  • She was buried in the golf club of her ex-husband, Donald Trump.
  • This comes with tax savings.

If you thought the news of Ivana Trump (73) being buried at Donald Trump’s golf course was strange, please read on!

Because now it’s really wild. Donald Trump is said to have buried his ex-wife on his land – watch out – Guidance to save. no kidding!

So says Brooke Harrington, a professor of sociology and a self-proclaimed tax detective. on them Twitter– The account reads that she was initially skeptical that Trump buried his ex-wife “on this little piece of dirt.” And all just to avoid the tax office.

So I looked up the New Jersey tax code lookpeople,” says Harrington. “It’s hat trick of tax evasion. The property, wages and sales tax has been abolished.”

So Ivana Trump’s grave is already bringing in huge tax breaks to Donald Golf Club.

The Washington Post reported five years ago YearsThat the former president chose the property as his final resting place.

What do you think of Donald Trump’s golf course grave for his ex-wife Ivana?

Until then, Trump paid less Guidance For the golf course because it had been advertised as farmland. How does that work? Where shopping A herd of goats lives in the building.

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