June 23, 2024

Donald Trump is a fighter after being charged

After the indictment against Donald Trump The former president presented himself combatively. During an appearance in Columbus, Georgia, Trump on Saturday called the accusations “ridiculous”, baseless and one of the most egregious abuses of power in US history. “This is a political contract assassination,” said the Republican presidential candidate.

“we will fight it”

The president is us Joe Biden Trump allegedly tried to “imprison his leading political rival,” declaring, “We’re going to fight it like no one has fought before.” And the former president chanted, amidst the cheers of his supporters, that he would not surrender, be affected, or stop fighting. He wants to run again in 2024 and is currently leading the Republican field in opinion polls.

In the case related to Trump’s handling of classified government documents from his term in office, the US judiciary has brought charges against him. The 49-page indictment was released on Friday. It lists seven categories of crimes, and Trump is accused of more than 35 crimes in total. He is accused of, among other things, conspiracy to obstruct investigations and illegal retention of highly sensitive information, including details of US and foreign nuclear capabilities and US military contingency plans.

“They cheat, they’re corrupt.”

The background is Trump’s handling of classified government documents after he left the White House. The FBI had its own home in August Mar-a-Lago in Florida and confiscated many classified documents from his tenure, some of which had the highest level of security.

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Trump spoke again about election interference on Saturday and again accused Biden and his Democrats of trying to prevent him from returning to the White House. “They cheat, they’re corrupt,” Trump criticized, and warned that the Democrats must be stopped and defeated. At the same time, with a view to making an accusation—now the second—against him, he said, “The only good thing about it is that it drove up my survey numbers.” Fundraisers for his election campaign also went to the “roof”.