April 25, 2024

Der frühere US-Präsident Donald Trump mit seiner Frau Melania. Foto: imago images/ZUMA Wire/Chris Kleponis

Donald Trump Farage Interview: ‘I’m not a fan of Duchess Meghan at all’ – Panorama

Former US President Donald Trump with his wife Melania. Photo: Imago Images / Zuma Wire / Chris Kleponis

Donald Trump gives “Brexit” Nigel Farage an audience in Mar-a-Lago. The interview is also about Duchess Meghan.

Mar-a-Lago – In this life, former US President Donald Trump and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will no longer be friends. Trump has made it clear repeatedly in recent years that he dislikes the former actress and current wife of Britain’s Prince Harry – often in somewhat identical words.

The 45th President of the United States used this again in a television interview with former “Brexiteer” Nigel Farage for the conservative British station GB News: “I’m not a fan of her at all. She is very disrespectful towards the Queen, she is an impressive person.”

Farage had flown to Florida to interview the former president — at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach shelter, the 75-year-old greeted the audience. Farage is a huge fan of Trump, and in 2016 he spoke at a Trump campaign event.

The interview will not be broadcast until Wednesday evening, and GB News has so far only published a short excerpt, but as the British newspaper “Daily Mail” reported, Trump did not leave a good hair on the Duchess of Sussex, who was with her husband in 2020. The British royal family is back and living Now in her native California again.

“I think Harry was used and he will regret it one day,” Trump said. “I think it ruined the relationship with his family and hurt the Queen.”

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Politically, Meghan Markle and Trump couldn’t be further apart. Trump has pushed the Republican Party further to the right during his presidency. It’s no secret that Duchess Meghan advocates more politically liberal ideas and leans toward Democrats.

Megan has become more politically active

Observers speculate that the 40-year-old could increasingly interpret her role as that of a political activist – especially since her husband is no longer subject to the constraints of palace protocol. This requires members of the British royal family to be very restrained in political matters. Traditionally, the Windsors don’t vote either.

Not only has Duchess Meghan voted in the 2020 US election (and her vote may have gone to Joe Biden), she’s also campaigning for political change in her home country: She’s currently battling to get paid parental leave for American parents. The United States is one of the few countries in the world where there is no such regulation.

Farage also asked Trump if he would run for president again in 2024. The 75-year-old replied: If you love the country, you have no choice. That’s right, I have a great life here, but I love helping people – which is why I did it (Presidency, editor’s note). “I think you will be very happy soon.”

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