April 13, 2024

Donald Trump and the Republicans suffer the next defeat

Donald Trump and the Republicans suffer the next defeat

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Once again, the Supreme Court filed a lawsuit for electoral fraud. A bitter disappointment for Donald Trump and his supporters: Inside.

WASHINGTON, DC – Once again, former President Donald Trump and his comrades in arms are suffering a bitter defeat. The US Supreme Court annulled another attempt to challenge the 2020 US elections. This time, many Republicans have tried to criticize changes in the elections in the so-called swing state of Pennsylvania. In 2016, Democrats lost that state to Donald Trump and his Republican party. In 2020, the 20th electorate again went to rival Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Republican Jim Bonnet and four voters believe that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has exceeded its powers by extending voting deadlines due to the coronavirus pandemic. With this progress, the critics had already failed in the United States’ Third Court of Appeals. They have now asked the Supreme Court to overturn the decision of the Court of Appeal. In addition, the court should decide that the swing state’s supreme court acted outside its jurisdiction when it changed the election rules, CNN reports.

Alleged Election rigging in Pennsylvania: Trump Support lawsuit: Insider dismissed

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Republican supporters of Donald Trump again fail in their allegations of election fraud. However, it has been repeated tirelessly since election time in the United States. Although Joe Biden won the election with nearly 82,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Trump invited some of the dignitaries of the Pennsylvania legislature to the White House after the election, speaking openly to them about widespread election fraud.

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But not just in Pennsylvania, but in many other states, Donald Trump and his colleagues smell election fraud at home. Most recently, Trump and his team led by Rudy Giuliani went to the Supreme Court against the Wisconsin Election Commission. More than 221,000 ballot papers were questioned, which was counted solely due to rulings related to the Coronavirus. But it is precisely these provisions that make it possible to circumvent the limitation. The Supreme Court dismissed the case. Previously, a Texas state complaint against election results failed in the swing states of Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. (Sophia Luther)