Donald Trump: A former president with a crude theory: the fall of the United States in 2024

Donald Trump is known for his sometimes crude theories. He is currently making headlines as he predicts the downfall of the USA. The former president is sure that the United States will not exist in 2024. This is how he justifies his strange thesis.

Donald Trump has a strange theory.
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He’s not calm about the ex-President of the United States Donald Trump. The 75-year-old is currently worried about his future United States of America for titles. As reported by the British newspaper “Daily Star”, among others, Trump put forward the thesis in an interview with former press spokesman Sean Spicer, who is now running a show on Newsmax, that the United States will not exist in three years.

Donald Trump predicts the fall of the United States in 2024

“Our country has really declined in the past eight months in a way that no one has seen before,” Donald Trump said in an interview. “And we won’t have another country in three years.” But although Trump thus predicted the collapse of the United States, he once again addressed a second presidency of his own.

Donald Trump as a candidate for the 2024 elections?

When asked by Spencer if he wanted to run for a second time as a candidate in 2024, Trump replied vaguely, “I probably won’t comment on this, but I’m telling you, I think you’ll be very happy, Sean. I think you and a lot of other people who love our country will be.” Very happy.” US presidents can serve two terms. By losing to Joe Biden in the 2020 US election, Donald Trump has missed the chance of another four years in the White House right now. But in 2024 he can run again.

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Donald Trump sure: Election fraud cost him the presidency

In an interview with Sean Spicer, Donald Trump once again asserted that the election results had been tampered with in the last election and that it was stolen from his office. Although no evidence of such electoral fraud has been found, Trump continues to insist that he is the real winner of the 2020 US election.

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