July 17, 2024

Dominicali hopes for American Formula 1 drivers

Dominicali hopes for American Formula 1 drivers

(Motorsport-Total.com) – Liberty Media has long been trying to make Formula 1 more popular in the US and expanding accordingly. An important step in this direction was taken with the confirmation of the first Miami Grand Prix in 2022.

Formula 1 wants to expand further into America

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Stefano Domenicali believes that if a local driver joins them in the future, it will only be an advantage. “This is especially important for Miami,” says the CEO of Formula 1. “We are working with the teams to understand the opportunities for American drivers.”

Although Dominicali realizes that this will not happen overnight, he believes: “It could happen. If you are very pragmatic and realistic, it will not happen in the next two or three years. But maybe after that.”

Formula 1 coach breaks a javelin for American drivers

“I know there are teams watching out for other good drivers who, when they are ready, will be a huge motivator for the American fans. Because we know the faces that drivers can evoke a lot of enthusiasm and passion. People want to see these guys,” says the Formula 1 president.

“And so the hope we have is that we will be able to welcome American drivers very soon, who will be competing against everyone else in Formula 1.”

The last American to compete in first-class races was Alexander Rossi. In 2015, he competed in five major awards for the Manor Marussia team. The last regular American Formula 1 driver was Scott Speed, who competed with Toro Rosso in 2006/07, but was prematurely replaced by Sebastian Vettel last year.

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The Grand Prix is ​​broadcast in Monaco at the United States Stadium

Even if no American driver follows in the short term, Dominically hopes to get a big boost from racing in Miami, the second American race on the calendar – “with a different culture, a different philosophy, a different way of working the show structure around.”

“And the amazing thing is that just a few weeks after our announcement, the interest in this event was really tremendous,” said the Italian happily. Formula 1 really does interact with this.

Domenicali reveals planning for this month’s PR campaign: “We will broadcast the Monaco race at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Dolphin because they want to experience the atmosphere. It will provide us with the perfect platform as well as increase the value that we want to be born in the United States.”

“This is really the basic strategic idea behind the fact that we will have two races in the United States,” said the CEO of Formula 1.