June 14, 2024

Does the Nino Niedereater season end on Friday night?

The start was promising. The Winnipeg Jets won the playoff series opener, 5-1, against the Western Conference winner Vegas Golden Knights. Also thanks to two models from Nino Niederreiter. Churer was traded to Canada by the Nashville Predators in late February.

Only: since the beginning of the victory, the planes must pass. Niederreiter scored the first (and so far only) goal of the season’s playoff game in Game 3. However, Winnipeg was not good enough for another victory. On Monday, I lost the fourth game of the series 2:4.

Means: From now on, Niederiter & Co. “Loss is forbidden”. On Friday night, the riders could make the decision with their fourth consecutive win.

Is Niedereater coming to the World Cup?

Perhaps there is one Swiss or another who, despite his Niedereiter sympathies, keeps his fingers crossed for the sake of the Musketeers. Because: if Bündner fails the NHL playoffs, the door is open to the World Cup. The tournament begins in Riga and Tampere, Switzerland, on May 13th. “I always like to go to the World Cup when I get the chance,” Niederreiter said in an interview with this portal shortly after his experience. In fact, the national team is very important to Niederretter. In 2019, for example, he traveled to Bratislava after being knocked out in the National Hockey League – even though Switzerland had only one game left in the group (and a quarter-final against Canada).

If Niederretter is fit, nothing should stand in the way of participating in the World Cup.

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