June 22, 2024

Docuseries: Hillary Clinton loses to Kim Kardashian in legal contest

Docuseries: Hillary Clinton loses to Kim Kardashian in legal contest

Hillary Clinton (pictured) lost to Kim Kardashian in a legal knowledge test. Photo: Michel Euler/AP/dpa

She wasn’t fast enough: Hillary Clinton lost to Kim Kardashian on a legal knowledge test. The question-and-answer session is part of a new documentary series.

LOS ANGELES – Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (74) ran a legal contest against Kim Kardashian (41) – losing out to the reality star.

In the Q&A taped for Clinton’s new Gutsy documentary series, Kardashian won 11-4. “She needs to work on her response,” Clinton, daughter of Clinton, who presented at the match, told People magazine. “Sometimes I can tell my mom she knows the answer, but she just didn’t ring the bell fast enough.”

“I was really amazed at how well she did,” Clinton said of Kardashian in the interview. “I wanted her to be spotlighted – not because she needed it, but she worked really hard to get there.” Of course, she did not let the entrepreneur win on purpose.

Prior to her political career, Clinton studied law at Yale Law School and worked as an attorney and professor. Kardashian is currently studying to become a lawyer and passed her first audition known as “Baby Bar” in four attempts in December. “I am so proud of the woman who is looking at me in the mirror today,” Kardashian wrote on Twitter after passing the exam. She previously had to take a lot of grudges on social media due to the setbacks in her new career path. In recent years, the businessman has repeatedly campaigned for an amnesty for prisoners in the United States.

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In the AppleTV+ series “Gutsy,” Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea meet women who contribute to society in a variety of ways. The documentaries will be released on September 9.