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Documenta fifteen with five new members from Lumbung

Documenta fifteen with five new members from Lumbung

February 21
Date of entry: 02/18/2021

Rongbaaz, Britto Arts Trust, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2020, Photo: Mohosin Kabir HimalayPictures

As part of the fifteenth document, the technical team invited groups, organizations and institutions from all over the world to practice lumbung together. So far there have been nine Lumbung member Foot. After an intense exchange between you and the technical team as well as many discussions with the participating organizations, five new members from Lumbung are now joining: Britto Arts Trust (Dhaka, Bangladesh), FAFSWAG (Auckland, Aotearoa), Instituto de Artivismo Hannah Arendt (Havana, Cuba) , Project Art Works (Hastings, UK) and Wajukuu Art Project (Nairobi, Kenya).

Each of the fourteen lumbung members will simultaneously contribute various resources to the collective rice barn (lumbung). Together they will develop a long-term exchange, which by sharing time, place, money, knowledge, care or art strengthens the practices and communities involved as well as the entire lumbung network ?? During the fifteenth session and beyond. Working with different artistic approaches as well as learning from other models of education, the environment or economics and practices related to pain in different parts of the world plays a major role in understanding pain.

Britto Arts Trust (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
Britto Arts Trust (Britto) is a non-profit association founded in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2002, which dedicates its artistic practice to the social and political unrest in Bangladesh. In search of lost histories, cultures and societies, Britto explores and brings together diverse resources with various partners. By accumulating knowledge, sharing his ideas and thoughts, as well as producing art for local communities, Britto is constantly trying to find answers to change in his country. …

FAFSWAG (Auckland, New Zealand)
FAFSWAG is a group of surrounding Moana artists who want to initiate social change through art and innovation. In doing so, it develops progressive, culturally sensitive, and socially relevant methods of cultural revitalization. Depending on their context as LGBT indigenous artists, artists at FAFSWAG work collaboratively across a variety of multidisciplinary art forms and genres to energize the public and digital space.

Hanna Arendt Institute of Art (Havana, Cuba)
The Hannah Arendt Artivismo Institute (INSTAR) was established on May 20, 2015 as an institution for social and political literacy through the intervention of Cuban artist Tania Bruguera, whose participants read the book The Elements and Origins of Totalitarian Governance by Hannah Arendt for 100 Hours discussed. INSTAR is designed as a horizontal, consensus-based democratic space.

Artworks Project (Hastings, UK)
Project Art Works is a British group of artists and producers who produce and mediate art based on radical approaches to neural diversity, rights and representation. Your program evolves from supporting artists in their studio practices and branches out to collaborations, exhibitions, commissioned work, films, publications, and digital directing.

Grandchildren Art Project (Nairobi, Kenya)

The Wajukuu Art Project (Wajukuu) is a community organization from Lunga-Lunga, which is part of the Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya. A group of artists started the project in 2004 with the common goal of making Mukuru a place where children could develop and create jobs by producing and selling high-quality artwork.

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