October 4, 2023

Doctors vs. Covid: 'We're not screaming, we're working'

Doctors vs. Covid: ‘We’re not screaming, we’re working’

On the day of Vienna’s Sea of ​​Lights, hundreds of doctors raised their voices saying, “We won’t watch.” They comment on targeted disinformation and attacks against science and health professionals. To date, more than 3,800 doctors have signed the declaration.

Sea of ​​Lights Announcement!

We, the undersigned physicians, I’d like to speak, right now as the pandemic of infection is turning into a pandemic of emotions.

We would like to pause our work for a moment to take a stand on targeted disinformation and attacks against science and health professionals.

We feel committed exclusively to science, knowing the thousands of scientists who have worked with body and soul since the beginning of the pandemic to protect and save health and human life.
Vaccination is not a political statement. It is not red, green, black, pink or blue.

It should be colorless and neutral.

People die every day because they are not vaccinated. They are not vaccinated because they are afraid and because they have been given misinformation and are still misinformed.

We do not need to show our faces, because we are always available to all our patients in our orchestras, hospitals and other health facilities to the best of our knowledge and belief.
We doctors treat all people who need our help equally.

Yet today we show ourselves, not for our own good or because medicine and science need champions, but because we are also human beings and are increasingly concerned with how everything that science has produced has been trampled underfoot.

We still burn in our hearts to protect as many people as possible from this disease, whether through vaccinations or other measures.

But today our candles are burning for all the people we couldn’t help.

May all the lights come on to give direction, through the long night of the pandemic, bypassing fears and distractions, straight to hope and knowledge to be a part of reason and humanity.

Together against Covid-19, with each other and for each other.

Doctors against covid.

Facebook group Doctors against covid-19 More than 3,000 doctors support each other across federal states/interdisciplinary/regardless of condition, age, gender and medical-scientific convictions on COVID issues and learn from each other! You can hear some of the protesters as they scream loudly, but there is a huge sea raging, that is, we who are constantly doing our best in science-based medicine, but are not seen because we are working instead of screaming. The winds have been a little cooler for us lately, but we’re still motivating ourselves to keep going! In the context of the Sea of ​​Lights on Sunday, December 19, we want to put together an open letter with online signatures to show that we’re here too.

The open letter and the list of supporters you can still join can be found here: http://aerztinnenvscovid.info

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