July 16, 2024

Doctoral Affairs – the resignation of German Family Minister Geoffy – news

Doctoral Affairs – the resignation of German Family Minister Geoffy – news

  • German Family Minister Franziska Geffe (Social Democratic Party) resigns from her position.
  • The background is debates about withdrawing PhDs.
  • Successor will be Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (Social Democratic Party).

As the Berlin Family Ministry announced, Franziska Geffe asked Chancellor Angela Merkel to dismiss. “I still stick to my statement that I wrote my work to the best of my knowledge and belief,” said Jeeves in a personal statement.

“I regret that I have made mistakes,” she added. The Free University of Berlin gave her the opportunity to comment by the beginning of June, which she also wanted to take advantage of.

The allegation arose that Geoffie’s doctoral thesis did not meet scientific standards and contained plagiarism as early as 2019. The Free University of Berlin reprimanded Geoffe, but left her with a PhD. In 2020, there was a second working check, which has now been completed.

Candidate for mayor of Berlin

The outgoing minister remains the Social Democrats’ front-runner for elections to the lower house of parliament in Berlin in September. So she’s really focused her career in another area, says SRF correspondent Peter Voygeli. “She wants to be the ruling mayor of Berlin.”

Since the legislature will soon expire and have little chance for the SPD to sit in the next federal government anyway, Jeffrey can now focus on this election campaign after leaving the Ministry of Family Affairs.

Justice Minister Lambrecht takes office

After the resignation of Federal Family Minister Geffi, Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht (also the Social Democratic Party) will take office.


German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht holds the position of family minister until the end of the legislature.


This was announced by the heads of the Social Democrats Saskia Eskin and Norbert Walter Burgans. Lambrecht agreed to take over the duties until the end of the legislative period. General elections take place on September 26.

The Presidents of the German Social Democratic Party said: “We are very proud to have in Christine Lambrecht a competent and expert successor to Franziska Geffe in our ranks.”

The Ph.D. is a stumbling block

Geffi is not the first German politician to give up her position due to allegations of plagiarism in relation to her doctoral thesis. Theodore zu Gutenberg, the Christian Social Union’s defense minister, or Annette Chavan, the Christian Democratic Union’s education minister, had to resign after similar measures. Your political career is over. On the other hand, Geoffe has charisma, according to reporter Fuegeli. “Somehow it rolls elegantly.” It is believed that her resignation will not affect her career in the future.