June 23, 2024

Do not answer your cell phone at these numbers

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from: Robin Dietrich

Phone fraud attempts are on the rise. Some numbers should not be answered. Older people in particular are often chosen as targets.

Berlin – No personal contacts, no phones, let alone the Internet, are scammer-free. Whether it’s a grandkids scam, fake stores, clickable links or supposed contests – scammers’ tricks are manifold. Here you will find an overview of the phone numbers where it is best not to answer your cell phone.

Scammers may already have tried to deceive many consumers in Germany. Criminals keep coming up with new scams. In the past, scammers basically went door-to-door – and this is still the case, for example, with the so-called grandson scam. The scammer pretends to be the victim’s often elderly grandson in order to gain access to the house. The application operator writes that phone fraud attempts are also increasing Smart student.

Phone Spam: Attempts to scam from mobile phones are on the rise

In a monthly press release, Clever Dialer lists the phone numbers consumers use most often to contact them. the There are many reasons for the reports They range from so-called insurance agents or electricity suppliers who want to sell the tariff to contests and spam. According to the Clever Dialer, the number of calls from the mobile network has increased by almost five percent. However, the majority of scam calls were still received over the fixed network (70.8 percent).

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Be careful on the phone: these numbers are deceptive

In the Feb 2022 A number from Frankfurt has been used frequently for fraud attempts. This can no longer be found in the “Top 10” Spam Phone Numbers ranking as of March. However, the number of spam messages ranked first in the month of March. On the back is a mobile phone number that wants to make consumers think it has won a lottery and is specifically asking for an IBAN. In third place is a number from Frankfurt, which is also classified as spam.

In March 2023, phone numbers of scammers were frequently used and reported. © Clever Dealer

This is how those affected commented on random phone numbers in March

In addition to “spam” and “withdrawals,” Clever Dialer divides the categories into “cost traps,” “debt collection,” and simply “questionable.” Site users have the opportunity to leave a comment when reporting. Clever Dialer posts some of these comments monthly:

  • 03025555450 Berlin landline (spam): “Continuous calls from this number for days. I don’t answer and have now blocked them. After reading all the reviews, it was a good decision.”
  • 01637875622 Mobile (Competition): “I supposedly signed a lottery contract that I wasn’t going to cancel. I wanted my IBAN, of course I didn’t give it.”
  • 06929917782 landline from Frankfurt a. m (spam): He introduced himself as “Volta GmbH” and wanted to speak to my wife. I immediately hung up and blocked the number after searching on Google.”
  • 030318763023 Berlin landline (spam): “I get calls from this number for days, or anonymously. When I answer, no one speaks and it always hangs up after 3 seconds. I remind people: Don’t answer the phone with ‘yes’! It might allow them to complete something they don’t want to do.” .
  • 040299992000 landline from Hamburg (doubtful): The participant tried to offer me a new electricity tariff. He spoke broken German and tried to conclude a contract. However, to an address where we haven’t lived for 12 years. Very cautious! “
  • 021332463886 landline from Dormagen (debt collection): This company, or rather the debt collection agency, keeps calling. Approximately three or more times a day. I have blocked them and still see them calling all the time. If you have problems with them, block them and write them a message! “
  • 0208306730 landline from Oberhausen / Rhineland (doubtful): “The health, dental, and eyewear-related cost trap.”
  • 030257709946 landline from Berlin (contest): “I received a call saying that I had won €599.00 in a sweepstakes. When I told the caller that I was currently abroad, he immediately hung up with the words: We’ll call you after the holidays.”
  • 015215891133 mobile (competition): “Call and say you entered a contest but didn’t win. They will send you the documents and then you can email an objection and all the data will be deleted. But before that they want their bank details. I said no and the lady got rude and hung up.”
  • +441767660535 UK landline (trap cost): “Called from the UK claiming to be holding a lottery. I immediately hung up and blocked the number.”
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Customers who receive calls from one of these numbers can report them to Clever Dialer to warn other consumers. In addition, consumer advocates advise to block the caller immediately. Spam callers can also use a Complaint form It is reported to the Federal Network Agency. Time and time again, consumers are encouraged to do so as well Informing seniors of scams. Then the scammers have much more difficulty than their victims, for example, with Trick mom on whatsapp Busy.