July 12, 2024

Disease Update 7: Release Date and Features

Disease Update 7: Release Date and Features

From Youssef Hatek
Coffee Stain Studios has announced details and a target release date for Update 7 for the construction game Satisfactory. However, the changes are much smaller than in the previous update.

The assembly line needs new updates: With the announcement of Update 7, satisfying fans can look forward to some changes to the building game. However, in principle, the innovations are somewhat smaller than in the previous satisfactory 6 update, which has been running on the Early Access server for a few weeks. As Coffee Stain Studios announces in the associated patch notes, Update 7 should hit the beta server in November, while the Early Access version should be uploaded with the new patch before the end of the year.

Disease update 7: What’s new?

In addition to general bug fixes and performance improvements in Update 7, a quieter variant of Satisfactory is in the pipeline with a passive gameplay mode, where players are not attacked by creatures and can take care of their projects in peace. Other game modes are also planned, community manager Snutt Treptow explains in a YouTube video overview. This includes Creative or God mode – but this is likely to be expected with the release of Satisfactory version 1.0.

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Generator overclocking also receives a slight tweak in Update 7, which, according to Treptow, was already planned for the previous patch and was eventually canceled. Using a linear scale for power, fuel, and water, a more understandable overview of the selected overclocking effects should be created. In addition, the water consumption of nuclear generators is reduced from 300 to 240, such that a 250 percent increase in operating frequency results in the maximum possible 600 water units.

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The map in the Satisfactory itself also receives some in-depth changes in Update 7. These changes range from detailed work on the appearance of the respective biomes to “significant changes to the landscape,” which can also affect factories. In addition, Biome Paradise Island will be deleted – this is not planned to be replaced, at least for the time being.

source: steam