Discover “The Road to Atlantis” at the bottom of the sea?

American researchers have made an amazing discovery in the Pacific Ocean off Hawaii. The Strait of Atlantis is an ancient volcanic rock.

The paved road can be seen from 1:48.

The basics in brief

  • The US Naval Institute Nautilus has found an amazing rock formation.
  • This is an ancient volcanic rock.
  • The nature of its composition is responsible for cracks of 90 degrees.

Isn’t the legendary city of Atlantis a legend after all? Researchers from the US Naval Institute Nautilus have discovered unique geological formations at a depth of 1,000 meters below sea level. At the end of April they made underwater recordings remote controlled submarine employment Youtube.

There are many theories about where the island kingdom should have been before its fall. American researchers found the paved road In the middle of the Pacific Ocean Off Hawaii, although the city is often located in the Atlantic Ocean.

The team was stunned by this insight. Someone suggests the “yellow brick road?”. “This is the way to Atlantis,” another jokes.

ancient volcanic rocks

Is this a discovery from a past civilization? Scientists have a different explanation for the unique phenomenon on the sea floor: in fact, it is assumed that ancient igneous rocks that broke by chance were only in their geometrical structure.

This type of rock is formed from the lava of high-energy volcanic eruptions, which cools rapidly upon contact with sea water.

The researchers believe the stress from the rapid cooling could be the cause of the 90-degree cracks that create a brick-like appearance.

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