October 3, 2023

Disaster-Girl is selling the original image as NFT for 440,000 CHF

Disaster-Girl is selling the original image as NFT for 440,000 CHF

Meme “Disaster-Girl” star is selling the original photos – and really removing them

The little girl standing in front of a burning house with a devilish laugh now gets the money: The 21-year-old sells the original photo as NFT for 440,000 CHF.

Anyone who has anything to do with memes will know the picture:

Young girl standing in front of a burning house smiling mischievously at the camera. Does it have anything to do with fire? Her smile suggests nothing good and made 4-year-old Zoe Roth a meme star.

This 21-year-old can benefit: like her “The New York Times” It reported that Roth auctioned the original image at an online auction for 180 Ether – at the time of the auction that was the equivalent of 440,000 Swiss francs. Image sold as NFT (Non-Exchangeable Code). The copyright stays with it, which means that it receives 10 percent of the proceeds every time the NFT is resold.

Yes, and does little Zoe have a relationship with fire in the house? No, it goes like this: the famous photo was taken on a Saturday morning in 2005 by her father, Dave Roth. At the time, a house in the neighborhood was set on fire as part of a fire exercise – So the situation was more relaxing than the image suggests. But the father seemed to realize that he had captured an unusual moment with his camera. In 2007 he submitted the picture to a photography contest and won it. Since then, the spread could no longer be stopped and the “disaster girl” was born.

21-year-old Zoe Roth is now studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills, and the New York Times continues. She has never been identified as a catastrophic girl, but her circle of friends knows “meme fame”. With the money she’s got now – which is currently still in cryptocurrency – she wants to pay off her student loan and donate it to good causes. (Opinion)

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