October 5, 2023

Part-time Corporate Support Consultant (50%), currently limited to June 30, 2023

Director of Public Affairs in the role of Head of the Berlin Office of the Max Planck Society (f/m/d)

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Job offer on August 28, 2021

The Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science (MPG) is a self-governing scientific organization funded by the federal and state governments. At 86 research institutions in Germany and abroad, it conducts basic research in the natural, life and human sciences. She is now looking for one to represent her in Berlin

Director of Public Affairs in the role of Head of the Berlin Office of the Max Planck Society (f/m/d)
(Code 67/21)

With its office in Berlin, the Max Planck Society pursues the goal of intense communication with the political decision-making system, proactive communication of research policy and the positioning of the MPG in the political arena of the capital. The work of the Director of Public Affairs includes the technical and operational management of the Berlin office and is carried out in close substantive and strategic coordination with the Head of the Scientific Policy and Strategy Operations Department of the Public Administration in Munich.

your tasks
As Head of Office, you are responsible for creating, designing and maintaining the required external relations in relation to public affairs with a view to systematically processing in-depth information and analysis and initiating and implementing appropriate measures, for the benefit of Max. Plank – to represent the community. They advertise the special features and achievements of the MPG, particularly in politics, but also in relation to other specific target groups in the capital, so that they receive support for their state to conduct cutting-edge research within the limits of knowledge.

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Your work includes:

  • Monitor and analyze social, political and economic developments and trends
  • Managing public affairs through analyses, strategies, tools, and assessment
  • Conceptualization and implementation of forms of communication and public affairs in the field of political communication work
  • Objective Visualization and organization of a group-oriented event
  • Expansion of the MPG network in the political and civil society spheres
  • Visual placement of socially relevant topics from MPG Research in Policy and in close coordination with the Communications Department also in the public
  • Designing content, organizational support and managing discussions, meetings and conferences in the field of research and innovation policy
  • Preparing and presenting work appropriately in the media
  • Organizing the participation of representatives, especially scholars of the Max Planck Society, in the social and political discourse on topics related to research
  • Supporting the work of the MPG Department in Berlin (committee meetings, meetings with politicians, meetings with research organizations, political and public events)
  • The interface of the Department of Operations of Scientific Policies and Strategies to the topics and developments in the Department of Humanities, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Operational management of the Berlin office with six speakers from three departments of public administration (scientific policy, law and communication)

personal file
You have completed a university degree, preferably in the humanities and social sciences, as well as extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and many years of relevant professional experience in the field of public relations with an emphasis on research policy. In addition, you have a broad and in-depth knowledge of the national and international science system as well as the specific structures and functions of larger research organizations. PhD is required. Excellent contacts with politics and other relevant public institutions including the media are expected. Envisioning a mixed-use activity requires a high degree of flexibility, teamwork, independence, and networking. The ability to think conceptually, skillfully present different and complex issues, clear language skills and a confident style when writing for different types of media, including social media, are of particular importance to the assignment. Science and science communication experience is required as well as several years of relevant professional experience in transportation and public affairs, in representing modern interests and in strategic communication.

our distance
Due to the necessary close relationships with the management of the Max Planck Society, the position is assigned directly to the Department of Science Policy and Strategy Operations. In the case of a direct transfer from a civil service relationship, we offer you a salary of up to salary group A 16 BBesG or a non-tariff bonus based on public service regulations as well as various social benefits.

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The Max Planck Society would also like to increase the proportion of women in areas where they are underrepresented. Therefore, women are expressly invited to apply.

The Max Planck Society has set itself a goal of hiring more people with severe disabilities. Applications from persons with severe disabilities are expressly encouraged.

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