December 4, 2023

Director Greta Gerwig secretly monitored the “Barbie” audience


Updated October 9, 2023 at 9:59 AM

Visitors to screenings of “Barbie” had to look into the back corners of the cinema from time to time during the film. Director Greta Gerwig may have been standing there, secretly observing the audience about her surprise success.

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It was the surprise of the cinema of the summer: the colorful adaptation of the film “Barbie” received not only strong reviews, but above all high box office sales. Now reveal the responsible manager Greta GerwigIt even observed audience reactions at a secret field test on its opening weekend in July. She secretly sneaked into movie theaters and hid in the back so she could watch the shows.

Additionally, Gerwig sometimes adjusted the volume herself if she felt it was too low. The director narrated these stories According to The Hollywood Reporter During an on-screen talk on Sunday at the BFI London Film Festival. During one of these secret visits, I heard a woman laugh particularly loudly at one line. I shouted at her: “The joke was on you!”

That “Barbie” scene gave Greta Gerwig pause

Overall, the shoot was “the most exhilarating experience” she has ever had on set. Even then she was thinking to herself: “If I can make a movie that’s half the fun of making it, then we have a chance.” But she also struggled with self-doubt about the script during the process. In particular, the sequence in which several members of the Caines fight with each other gave her pause. She drove home that evening and just thought: “Oh no!” However, the sight made her excited and happy as well.

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The film “Barbie” with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the main roles quickly became a hit with audiences. The comedy film is the highest-grossing film of 2023 worldwide. Barbie is currently ranked 14th on the list of most successful films of all time, and in the United States of America, the film is about to enter the top 10 and is currently at 11th place. In Germany alone, nearly six million movie tickets have been sold so far.
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