June 21, 2024

Foto der britischen Sängerin und Rapperin Enny, deren Song „Same Old“ heute unser Track des Tages ist.

Die neue 90s-Style-R & B-Single „Same Old“ von Enny – ByteFM

Eni (Photo: Timothy Spur)

Hear R&B and hip-hop from South London in Enny’s new song “Same Old”. British singer and rapper Eni started releasing her own music only last year. She is now one of the most respected newcomers in the UK. In her fourth single “Same Old”, she addresses the fact that this is United Kingdom only on paper. Because the play is about gentrification, making working-class neighborhoods invaluable to residents. Today’s track also deals with what may be the biggest controversy in Britain over the past decade. Brexit, which is what Eni, like many of its citizens, worries about. But the song also reflects private issues. Because regardless of political and social crises, love remains a complex affair.

Theme diversity doesn’t seem intentional on our daily itinerary – it’s simply an snippet from Enny’s universe. Musically, the piece flows to the schmooven rhythm of the 1990s, which meshes well with current production mediums and themes. Enny’s first EP will be released soon. From the music of Gurga Smith (who really is Common cause With Enny) and he loves Greentea Peng, it might be a good idea to keep an eye out.

Enny’s “Same Old” was released on the Famm label and today it’s our daily song. Listen to it here:


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