Did you forget that smartphone at your big dump event?

Slowly but surely, we were supposed to deal with this grueling release week. In the beginning there was Xiaomi, the one who was with me Mi Mix 4And her new tablet Even a robo dog cause a stir. Near the end, Honor is getting close to its new flagship lineup, Magic 3, and its impressive camera setup. In between, however, Samsung had a widely publicized unboxed event, which featured two new foldable coils and New smart watches to see.

while the Low prices for folds You should definitely ensure a somewhat broader interest in the customer base, a format that is still relatively small is not the right one for every application. Some people just need a smartphone that works, has modern hardware and is still inexpensive. At some point, Samsung decided to use “Fan Edition” or FE for short for this Positively received by users and the press.

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