July 15, 2024

Did the UK and Germany expel twice as many Afghans from Kabul as France?

Did the UK and Germany expel twice as many Afghans from Kabul as France?

Inspection process This was said by Sandrine Russo, one of the leading candidates for the environmental activist, about the evictions in Kabul. Liles Mayor PS

A question. Since the Taliban came to power on August 15, the same habit has been in demand: France is not doing enough to take in refugees in Afghanistan, as we have repeatedly said among insurgents, environmental activists and socialists. Critics erupted when Emmanuel Macron called on August 16To protect against large irregular migration flowsIt could come from the Taliban in Afghanistan. But the head of state decided to welcome Afghan refugees who had cooperated with the French army or were particularly life-threatening.Unconditionally. IWe have to do it and we will always (…) do everything we can to achieve results and save lives2, Emmanuel Macron said from Iraq on Sunday.

But this is not enough to reassure the left. “I note that Germany withdrew more than 5,000 in the same period. We could have done more‘, Lilin Mayor BS, Martin Aubrey, decided on the microphone

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