July 17, 2024

“Dictatorship”: Rudy Giuliani compares the investigations against himself to the methods of Stasi

“Dictatorship”: Rudy Giuliani compares the investigations against himself to the methods of Stasi

Rudy Giuliani considers himself a victim of a political campaign. Ex-attorney to former US President Donald Trump explains the investigation into repressive tactics.

New York City – Rudy Giuliani isn’t someone who shuns hard bandages. For months, everything and everyone has been accused of stealing his former client, Donald Trump’s supposed election victory. Democrats, the Dominion voting machine manufacturer, the US judiciary, and even Republican officials were not immune to his sermon.

Giuliani saw it privately on Hunter Biden. Using dubious methods, he wanted to prove that the son of the President of the United States today, Joe Biden, was involved in suspicious acts in Ukraine. As presumptive evidence, the former New York mayor has invoked hard drives that were said to contain a copy of the data bus in Hunter Biden’s laptops.

Rudy Giuliani is alleged to have falsified a Russian spy evidence against Joe Biden

Rudy Giuliani had been in close contact with Andre Dirkach months ago. It is said that the Russian secret agent forged the tapes on Giuliani’s behalf in order to link Joe Biden to the plots in Ukraine before the elections. In this way, both men wanted – perhaps due to Donald Trump’s goodwill – to damage Biden irreparably during the hot phase of the campaign so that Trump had been reelected.

Main show conspiracy theories: Rudy Giuliani compares the USA to East Germany.

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Only: the coup has been discovered, and Derkash and other Russian supporters are being investigated. On the other hand, Rudy Giuliani got away with it for a long time. For a long time, the criminal investigation authorities refrained from shackling the “tough guy” on the team surrounding Donald Trump, so to speak, on the open platform to avoid the impression of a politically motivated act. Now that Giuliani’s song has been sung about election fraud and even Trump has largely distanced himself from him, investigators are serious.

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The investigation of Rudy Giuliani revolves around his role in the ouster of the former US ambassador to Kiev, Mary Jovanovic, who was withdrawn in the lead up to the Ukrainian case, and which brought Donald Trump to his first trial. The ambassador appointed by Barack Obama had testified before three congressional committees. Giuliani is now suspected of pushing the diplomat’s dismissal to protect his client, Donald Trump.

The FBI confiscates electrical equipment from Rudy Giuliani’s private home

The FBI recently broke into the Republican apartment in a fairly sweet manner and confiscated several electronic devices – a rare occurrence in the United States in the case of attorneys, indicating an increased interest in investigations. Soon after, Donald Trump and Giuliani’s son Andrew intervened and severely criticized the research. Joe Biden felt compelled to give his “word” that he knew nothing of the pre-planned investigation.

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Now, Geoalini voiced his displeasure on the Republican news channel Fox News. In an interview with stellar medium Tucker Carlson, known for his particularly openness to right-wing conspiracy theories, Giuliani spoke in anger. The apartment search was “totally illegal”. In addition, the FBI had no right to confiscate his devices, according to Giuliani, everything was “in iCloud.”

Rudy Giuliani complains about investigating authorities after a Fox News search

He alleges that he showed investigators Hunter Biden’s hard drives during their search, which they were said to have turned down. Giuliani: “The summons asked them to take all the electronic devices in my apartment with them. I have decided to close the class.” Additionally, Giuliani Tucker-Carlson reported that the police “shocked my door in a terrifying way”, and fortunately he was not easily intimidated.

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Giuliani then asserted that he “never appeared a Ukrainian citizen before the United States government” and put forward the conspiracy theory again. Giuliani said the Justice Department had spied on him. If this does not result in penalizing the investigative authorities, the United States “is no longer a free country.”

Giuliani condemns “dictatorial” methods and compares the United States with East Germany

Once furious, Giuliani makes a bold comparison: “We might as well be in East Berlin before the wall fell.” It is a “this is just the order of the day in the dictatorship” tactic, according to which a lawyer will be seized in the midst of representing his client.

Giuliani’s conclusion: “You should be sued for this, not others.” Tucker Carlson concluded the interview with the words: “I agree with you. Uncritical. It’s terrible. I hope you come back soon and tell us more about it.” (Mirko Schmid)

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