July 14, 2024

Dialogue between art and science «kleinezeitung.at

Dialogue between art and science «kleinezeitung.at

At the Barbara Edlinger Gallery, artists and scholars interact with Lea Titz’s photographic work.

to Wenzel Mraček | 4.43 PM, April 30, 2021

Lea Titz, Barbara Edlinger, ‘Transit Queens’ © Wenzel Mracek

The photographer did not keep the photos himself, but rather the diagrams on the screen of a small digital camera Lea Titz 2008 in Rome. Titled “SAXA RUBRA”, it is not the city’s attractive tourist motifs that can be seen, but statistical representations of the colors and lighting conditions, which, although coded, indicate the location of the image.

For a joint exhibition project with the artist and the gallery owner Barbara Edlinger Lea Titz has asked other artists and scholars to engage in dialogue about a selection of their own works from the past few years. A cardiologist in Graz can see examples from the “SAXA RUBRA” series Robert Jacir In light and dark element distribution curves, morphological similarities with developmental charts of the number of coronavirus cases in Austria. Together with the astrophysicist Manuela Timmer Barbara Edlinger designed a piece of jewelry that consisted of a bracelet and a pendant that would be placed on a necklace. Put this on the cylindrical bracelet, it becomes a dark camera with which to view the sun on your hand. Music Monique Wessel On the other hand, Titz’s video “Penultimate Snow” (2011) interacted with an amplified and now audible sound of falling snow. Leah Titz discusses with a space engineer whether the globular hornet’s nests – after “The Queen’s Building” (2019) – can be called architecture Barbara Imhoff. In analogy, this illustrates the habitat in space model. And performances on “Worm Castings” (2013) Marijan scheduler An animated movie in which a little bird vainly tries to pull an earthworm from the ground.

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Lea Titz and Barbara Edlinger et al. Crossing the Queen. Until May 29, TRANSIT exhibition, Bürgergasse 11, Graz. galerietransit.at