May 21, 2024

Diablo Immortal enters closed beta tonight in Canada and Australia

Diablo Immortal enters closed beta tonight in Canada and Australia

Correction: October 28, 2021, 6:21 pm:
Unfortunately, Blizzard did not contact us until we posted this message communicationThe pilot phase is not available for Europe. We had to edit the message afterwards and apologize for the error.

Updated message:
Last year we were able to play Diablo Immortal for the first time, and Blizzard has made various changes since then. Selected Android users in Canada and Australia will be able to try out some of these developments tomorrow as part of a closed beta, Blizzard just announced. Players are not allowed on iOS devices at this point, but the test servers are ready at 2 AM. We don’t know how long you can play or how you can sign up for it.

What Blizzard did tell us, however, is that players can get up close and personal with necromancers – this is a common class of summoners. In this iteration of Diablo Immortal there will be modifications to the PvE activity “helicwari” And leaderboards are introduced on the battlefield so that PvP fans have a reason to put their skills to the test. Plant Variety Protection Activity “circle of discord” Extensively revised:

At the height of this clan conflict is “Immortal Challenge”, which includes the top 30 “the shadow”– His name is player against one “Immortals” compete. The best player on the entire server is significantly boosted for combat, but if the shadows emerge victorious, a new null player will be selected at the server level. However, if the immortal won, the circle of jihad would continue unchanged.

Players in Canada and Australia will be able to play Diablo Immortal using a console for the first time as part of this beta. Unfortunately, menu navigation is still limited to the touch screen, but in the future you will be able to perform skills and movement with the joystick. Xbox (including Xbox Adaptive Controller) and Dualshock 4 are currently compatible with the game.

The closed beta phase will offer paid content, including the Battle Pass and other items (we don’t know what these are). According to Blizzard, all purchases made at this point before the game officially starts will be deleted, but the money spent will be returned to your Blizzard account in an equivalent amount on the day of publication.

There is no set time for the final game to start, as the developers will use data from the beta to coordinate further production. According to the current plan, Diablo Immortal should appear in the first half of 2022.