Diablo 4 Open Beta Live Start Bar – It’s all about time and server status

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from: Philip Hansen

Diablo 4 Open Beta Live Streaming Start – All about time and server status © Blizzard (Montage)

In Germany, the Diablo 4 open beta will start today, March 17th. All times, problems and server traffic at a glance in the live stream ticker.

hamburg – Diablo 4 Open beta starts today. Months before the release, everyone can find out for themselves whether it is worth waiting for a successor for more than 10 years. In the live feed all important times are revealed, how to fix Diablo 4 error codes and how servers and queues work personal computerAnd PS5 And X-Box Situations.

ingame.de accompanies the start of the Diablo 4 live beta today:

Longtime Diablo fans will remember the infamous Bug 37 with fear. This error code crippled the servers for the release of Diablo 3 in 2012 and turned the long-awaited launch into a nightmare. If you signed into the Diablo 4 Open Beta before it started, a queue will appear briefly. It can be assumed that the servers will then threaten an overload initially at 5 pm.

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