June 21, 2024

Deutsche Speed-Elite Lammt |  Sport Mix

Deutsche Speed-Elite Lammt | Sport Mix

(Mr). Andreas Sander, the badly beaten vice world champion, was shivering after the bitter defeat to Streif for his starting place in the Olympics, and the flailing Linus Straßer grumbled on “Schweinsberg”. Given the fierce Watschn in Kitzbühel, German alpine chief Wolfgang Mayer becomes apparent just days before the Winter Games.

At the foot of the streff, Meyer said he wonders if athletes realize that boundaries are always required here. The big successes at the World Cup eleven months ago with three silver and one bronze medals in the team event were in the past, and the present is looking gray. “We’re just going through a really tough time overall,” Meyer said, annoyed.

Like his boss, ARD expert Felix Noether also lost his last-ditch willingness to take risks on the world’s toughest slope, which was completely driven this time. “When you see how rude and aggressive Marco Odermatt drives, I miss it,” he said of the Swiss runner-up Wonderland. Sander in particular.

The World Cup runner-up said overlooking the Olympic slope on Feb. 6, in which four of the five qualified DSV athletes are allowed to start, said. “It doesn’t suit me at all,” he admitted after finishing 30th in Streif’s third win over Swiss Beat Feuz’s “The Shape” win.

At the same time, Sander painted a bleak overall picture. “It was a poor performance by everyone,” he said. Romid Baumann, who was still the best DSV writer in 15th place, didn’t want to leave things that way. “I should talk to Andy again,” he said, smiling, and claimed, “I wasn’t completely in a state of nirvana.” Old Master Fuse showed how it was done with his first win of the season. With a tactically clever drive, he kept his young teammate Udermatt at a distance (+0.21). “We had a good plan — and it worked,” he said succinctly.

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Straßer also had a good plan in the slalom, but when he got into the ice at the foot of Ganslernhang, he scolded: “You brake too much.” Thus was Dave Riding’s sensational victory, the first in the Great Britain World Cup that led Neuther “Baby in the Eyes”.

The ARD expert was satisfied with Kira Weidle halfway through. The downhill world runner-up was not satisfied with the 10th place when she returned to her silver medal in Cortina d’Ampezzo. “Just because I did well last year doesn’t mean I will do well this year,” she said. The next day, she did well in 12th place with her best result in a Super-G. Olympic champion Sofia Giugia of Italy won the downhill, but fell hard in the Super G and injured her left knee.