June 14, 2024

Detour to the photo session: King Charles visits the Duisburg studio

(Images: Studio Duisburg)

Duisburg. King Charles visited Duisburg’s studio today to take new passport photos for his royal ID. Star photographer Patrick Carbonik took all the time in the world to photograph the noble monarch of the island. Money wasn’t an issue for the shoot as the monarch arrived with a suitcase full of gold donated by UK taxpayers’ money.

Charles thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Duisburg and promised to check Google too. The Duisburg Studio wishes the King all the best and travels onward safely: “It is nice of you to pay us a visit, Your Highness.”

This text was not drafted by ChatGPT, the images have been retouched extensively and anyone who thinks this is their own fault. Happy first april

(April Fool’s Day 2023)

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