Determining the Ice Hockey World Championship lineup – Weber: “…Switzerland is a contender for the world title” – Sport

Determining the squad for the Ice Hockey World Championship – Weber: “…So Switzerland is a candidate for the world title” – Sports – SRF

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SRF ice hockey expert assesses the Swiss national team squad for the World Cup and shows the strengths, weaknesses and threats of Patrick Fischer’s team.

The rehearsal is a huge success, and the Swiss team is ready for the Ice Hockey World Championships in Tampere and Riga starting from May 12th. The only question marks remain in North America. Whether Natty will be beefed up with other NHL forces depends on the playoffs process.

We confronted ice hockey expert Christian Weber with people’s most pressing World Cup-related issues. Weber says…

  • For the Swiss team in general: “I like him very much, he’s very interesting. It has everything: on the one hand, energy players, and on the other, technicians like Gaëtan Haas or Enzo Corvi. The defense is also diverse: Michael Vora can play aggressively, like Christian Marti. With Janis Moser and Tim Bernie There are players in the team who can do a lot in attack.”
  • For the most promising players at the World Cup: “I am very much looking forward to Bernie, and I hope he will be used. It is a great challenge and a great honor for him, his first World Cup. I think he can be an important person in defence.”
  • Number 2 in goal behind Leonardo Genoni: “I see Robert Maier as number 2. Not only because he became a champion, but also because he played all season. Jorn van Puttelberge was unlucky, got injured and missed a lot of games as a result. In a World Cup you need three goalkeepers anyway, and all of them All three are very good.”
  • To replace injured strikers Gregory Hoffmann and Sven Andreguito: “We have compensation with Nino Niederreiter, he will solve more of the two. The team as a whole now has to come together more and support each other. At every World Cup there are players who outdo themselves and surprise. I hope we have a player who is among the top scorers who is not on our list yet” .
  • In the beginning against the “small” Slovenia, Norway and Kazakhstan: “Personally, I’ve always liked playing against a big player at the start. Switzerland has to win against the three so-called ‘little ones’. That’s obvious if they want to reach the minimum goal in the quarter-finals. These opponents are not to be taken lightly. In the past, it was Strangers are always surprised at first.”
  • For the world champion’s advice: “The same favorites are always mentioned: Canada and Sweden. The Swiss have good chances to play up front. It also depends on what happens in the NHL. If all potential players join Switzerland, it is also a title contender.”

SRF Info, Sportlive, May 7, 2023, 3:40 pm;

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