October 3, 2023

Details of the unexpected arrival of Prince Harry and Duchess Megan to England

Details of the unexpected arrival of Prince Harry and Duchess Megan to England

The meeting between Prince Harry and the Duchess of Megan, Prince Charles and the Queen has been leaked for the first time. This is the result of their journey.

Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Megan (40) traveled to Europe for the Invictus Games starting today in The Hague. According to media reports, on Thursday, April 14, shortly before their public appearance in the Netherlands, the couple paid a surprise visit to Queen Elizabeth II (95) and Prince Charles (73). The first information about the secret meetings of the royal family has been released.

According to British tabloids The Sun and The Daily Mail, Prince Harry has begun negotiations with his relatives for a peace offering. The Daily Mail quotes an insider as saying: “[Die Treffen] There was a small olive branch from Harry to clean the house. ” His son’s offer made Prince Charles very happy, so he accepted. Queen Elizabeth II agreed to the visit on the condition that Harry and Meghan speak to Charles first. The 95-year-old saw the crowd just before Easter – a celebration associated with new beginnings and forgiveness – as an opportunity for reconciliation, they say.

15 minute Blitz meeting with Prince Charles

Harry and Meghan meet Harry’s father, Prince Charles, at Windsor Castle at 10am. Thursday, according to several reports. This is a 15 minute conversation. Duchess Camila (74) was also present during the conversation. A close friend of the king told the Daily Mail that Prince Charles was “eager” to meet him because of what had happened before.

“He loves his son and is heartbroken by everything that happened,” the anonymous source continued. “However, he fears that history will repeat itself and that what happened to Princess Dana will happen to Harry.” Prince Charles, regretting that he had not done so with Diane at the time, wanted to “open the door” for himself. Son ‘and keep talking. According to a source close to the couple, Charles was happy to have her with him.

At meetings with the Queen, the atmosphere is “much less tense”.

After meeting Prince Charles, Prince Harry and the Duchess went to the Queen Megan’s private residence. According to anonymous sources, the atmosphere was “much less tense”. Conversation with 95-year-old hidden.

According to locals, this meeting is good for the relationship with the head of state’s grandson. The arrival of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Magnus may have dismissed speculation that they were avoiding the Queen.

This is Prince Harry and Duchess Megan’s first visit to the UK since moving to California in 2020 after stepping down as senior royal family members. After a joint interview with 68-year-old Oprah Winfrey, there was a flurry of public outcry after the announcement of Harry’s upcoming memoir. Archie (2) and Lilliput (10 months) are said to have moved to Europe with their parents.