Destabilization on behalf of Moscow – US imposes sanctions

The US government imposed sanctions on four men. It accuses them of destabilizing Ukraine on behalf of Russia.

The basics in brief

  • The situation in the Ukrainian conflict is approaching a peak.
  • The United States has now imposed sanctions on four men.
  • They are accused of destabilizing Ukraine on behalf of Russia.

The US government imposed sanctions on four men over the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The US State Department and the Treasury said Thursday that the United States is accusing the men of destabilizing Ukraine on behalf of Russia.

They are two Ukrainian deputies and two former Ukrainian officials. “The United States, in close coordination with the Ukrainian government, is working to identify, detect, and impose costs on these actors to thwart these influence processes,” she added.

The United States accuses Russia of creating a pretext for a possible invasion of Ukraine.

Assets are frozen

According to the US government, the sanctioned men are now acting on behalf of Russia’s FSB internal security service. This would deliberately recruit Ukrainian citizens to occupy key positions. As a result of the sanctions, among other things, any assets of those affected in the United States are now frozen. It is prohibited to deal with them in the United States.

The administration stressed that this measure differs from a “broad set” of measures that the United States and its allies would take in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “Russia has used mixed tactics, including disinformation and other influence campaigns, to destabilize Ukraine for years,” the State Department said. Since at least 2016, Russian intelligence agencies have attempted to use a variety of tactics to influence US elections.

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