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Demo Neuwied: Is the EU recession being managed in Brussels?

Demo Neuwied: Is the EU recession being managed in Brussels?

News from June 9, 2021

The Pulse of Europe Neuwied invites you to the next demo on June 19 at 11 a.m. at Neuwieder Luisenplatz. The upcoming events before the federal elections on September 26 are objectively based on the “Conference for Europe”, initiated by the European Commission.

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Noved. The conference entitled “The future is in your hands”. Pulse of Europe Neuwied the title literally, because all those interested in the future of the European Union and therefore their own and the future of their grandchildren are invited to the conference with their suggestions, questions and expectations as part of the upcoming conference. Share demos.

Representatives of all Democratic parties are invited as discussion partners at upcoming screening dates. Alternative for Germany, with its negative attitude towards the EU, is not doing this on purpose. Many have already confirmed their participation: the Neuwied City Council and city council factions, the District Council, Lana Horstmann and Martin Diedenhoven, Tapia Rossler. More actors are still expected.

The focus should be on the issue of further development of the European Union. The expectations of the pro-Europeans are as great as the resistance of opponents, the tricks of national and international opportunists and international multinational business.

Where is the flight headed?
European Republic, United States of Europe or just “Europe of nation-states”??? We neither want nor imagine the latter, because the acceptance of young people in particular is high in society, as the European elections have shown us. The supranational political and economic influence of strong Europe is indisputable. In the global comparison, the union has only one chance in the framework of its society. But the efforts of some national princes and autocrats are going exactly in the opposite direction of national isolation, and successfully. With patriotic selfishness, arrogance and often hypocritical confessions of society, European successes are celebrated in the capitals of member states, failures preferred in Brussels and Strasbourg.

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What is the European Union doing to counter these destructive tendencies that harm us all?
Is the European Commission managing the recession and the status quo of the EU and who benefits from it? Who benefits from the diversity of national electoral, social, and tax laws that make so much injustice and inequality possible? What is necessary to create interaction and further development to get out of the stagnation and anyway? How was that with climate policy? This should be discussed, the arguments of the participants documented and the results brought to the Conference for Europe. So the future is in our hands.

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