June 21, 2024

Demand for travel has increased in China, Germany and the USA

Demand for travel has increased in China, Germany and the USA

ITB Berlin Statista has released the results of a survey on travel behavior in Germany, the United States and China to examine travel plans for 2021. They suggest that the end of the epidemic will spur growth in the long term and there will also be a major shift in domestic tourism. In the short term, this could mean an irregular recovery from travel to treatment.

The survey found that many respondents in Germany, the United States and China are considering private trips this year. 37% of Germans, 42% of Americans, and 66% of Chinese plan one or more trips. There is massive pent-up demand for travel in China.

The results show that personal safety is very important when traveling and that well-being is more important than the opportunities to travel.

The majority of people who do not wish to travel this year say it was due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

In their future travel plans, 35% of German respondents, 38% of Americans and 50% of Chinese believe that their travel behavior will change in the long term. Big change towards more domestic flights.

Figures from the United Kingdom and Ireland are also shown Huge and unprecedented numbers on waiting lists Because of the longer waiting times ever for surgery, there is a significant backlog in medical treatment that private home health care and overseas medical tourism treatment may require later in 2021. However, the expected focus on domestic travel and personal safety could lead to inconsistencies. A variable recovery. Very short term medical trips.

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