December 2, 2023

Delta-Plus is spreading rapidly in the UK

Delta-Plus is spreading rapidly in the UK

British researchers reported on the current analysis of 841 PCR samples that the daily growth in the number of cases is unusually large, but there are fewer symptoms with symptoms.

The deltaCoronavirus sub-alternative, AY.4.2. , is now responsible for more than one in ten new infections in the UK. This came from a large-scale React study by Imperial College London, the latest results of which were published on Thursday. Accordingly, 11.8 percent of the 841 positive samples sequenced from the AY.4.2 subvariable. is set. In all, PCR tests of more than 100,000 people were evaluated for the study.

According to the results, the sub-variable spreads faster than the previously dominant type delta– a variable. Since the last study in September, scientists have calculated a daily growth of AY 4.2. A share of 2.8 percent. At the same time, the researchers found that symptomatic diseases were less common.

Fewer symptoms

Typical symptoms such as loss or alteration of sense of smell and taste, fever and new persistent cough, come with infection with AY.4.2. Often. Overall, the less frequent occurrence of symptoms is of course a good thing, added study leader Paul Elliott.

Researcher Christel Donnelly, who was involved in the study, told Sky News that how the sub-variable will affect the course of the epidemic cannot yet be estimated. The less presenting cases mean that fewer infected cases will be detected, the researcher said. On the other hand, the absence of symptoms such as a cough can also reduce the risk of infection. AY.4.2 sub-variable. It is not classified as a concern by the World Health Organization (WHO), but it is monitored.

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