June 17, 2024

Defiant reaction: less meat? No, especially now!

“Eating healthy makes you smart!” “,” Eat colorful, live healthy “,” Simple. Better. Eat. «Less is more: reduce sugar, fat and salt» – numerous informational campaigns and pamphlets are trying to persuade people to act in a healthy way. Almost every day we are faced with requests to exercise more exercise, eat healthy food, or quit smoking.Studies have shown that such messages can work, but their effect is limited.One possible explanation for this is the phenomenon of psychological reactivity: when people are asked to change their behavior, they can feel that they cannot make up their own mind. They then feel restricted in their freedom, reacting angrily and ignoring the message or even reinforcing the unwanted behavior.While the effects of psychological reactivity are well understood in many areas, little is known about the underlying cognitive processes.